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Social Programme

Page content : Welcome Reception - Organ and brass Concert - Gala Dinner - Technical Visits - Companion programme - Tours in Switzerland

Sunday 9th October 2005 - Welcome Reception
 A Welcome Reception will take place on Sunday evening 19:30 – 21:30 at the Conference Centre CICG - all Participants and their Companions are invited.
Tuesday 11th October 2005 - Organ and Brass Concert

 An Organ and Brass Concert will be held in the St Pierre Cathedral in Geneva’s old town 19:00 - 20:00. After the concert the participants will leave the cathedral to the chiming of its bells which will be heard throughout the old town of Geneva.

The cathedral was built between 1150 and 1250 as an extension of the original baptismal font dating back to the 5th century and which is still visible below the cathedral. While the inside architecture is of Romanesque and Gothic styles, the current exterior dates from the 18th century.

Departure From - To
18h00 CICG - St Pierre Cathedral
Wednesday 12th October 2005 - Gala Dinner

 The Gala Dinner will take place on Wednesday evening till 23:30. The dinner will be served on the "Lausanne", an impressively large ship with three full decks. Embarkment will start at 20:00 and the ship will depart at 20:30 for a 3 hours cruise on the lake of Geneva.

Embarkment map and picture.

Departure From - To
17h45 CICG - CERN reception (Build. 33)
19h30 CERN reception (Build. 33) - Pier
23h30 Pier - CERN reception (Build. 33)
Saturday 15th October 2005 - Technical Visits

 Visit of CERN/LHC

Maximum number of participants = 170
Reception will take place at CERN reception building - no.33 at Meyrin site (Switzerland) 10-15 minutes before the beginning of the programme, so respectively at 08:45 and13:45.

IMPORTANT : The LHCb experiment is situated on French territory. Identity papers and, if necessary, visas are compulsory.

Morning :
09h00 : conference and film at the CERN main auditorium.
10h00 : 60 people to visit ATLAS (*) and another 60 to visit LHCb (*).
11h30 : return to the reception building.
Afternoon :
14h00 : conference and film at the CERN main auditorium.
15h00 : 50 people to visit ATLAS (*).
16h30 : return to the reception building.

(*) to visit ATLAS and the LHCb experiments tight shoes must be worn (loose shoes are not allowed).

Departure From - To
08h00 Cornavin railway station (*) - CERN reception (Build. 33)
08h45 CERN reception (Build. 33) - EPFL
11h15 EPFL - CERN reception (Build. 33)
12h30 CERN reception (Build. 33) - Cornavin railway station
13h15 Cornavin railway station (*) - CERN reception (Build. 33)
13h45 CERN reception (Build. 33) - EPFL
16h30 EPFL - CERN reception (Build. 33)
18h00 CERN reception (Build. 33) - Cornavin railway station
At Mont Brillant tunel, at the left off the station when facing it.

Table of transportation for Technical Visits

 Visit of the TCV Tokamak at CRPP-EPFL

The TCV Tokamak (1992) carries 1 mega-ampere of current in the plasma for several seconds. It is fully integrated into the European fusion research programme. Its primary features are :

  1. strong shaping of the plasma cross-section shape (world record elongation for a conventional tokamak) and
  2. strong additional heating (world record 4.5 MW of microwave power).

The plant control is built around the VSYSTEM industrial toolkit and relies on BITBUS (RS485) fieldbus communication, providing a single driver interface for all sub-systems.

Data acquisition uses the MIT MDS+ model-based system, originally centred around CAMAC but now using high density (192 channel) D-TAQ systems. A tokamak pulse generates typically 100 MB of compressed data.

The CRPP- EPFL in Lausanne is about 50 minutes from Geneva and bus transport will be provided as shown in the above table.

Non guided visits and lunch

It is also possible to make a free visit to the Globe of Science and Innovation (in front of building 33) where you can find a exhibition about Albert Einstein's legacy or to the CERN Microcosm exhibition (behind the building 33) and to have lunch at CERN self-service restaurant located in the main building.


Companion programme

 Attractive new excursion proposals in Geneva and its surroundings has been prepared for accompanying guests.

 Each excursions is preceded by a get together with coffee and croissants (included in the excursion fare) half an hour before the departure.

Tours in Switzerland or elsewhere in Europe

 Switzerland is located in the heart of Europe and many particularly attractive destinations are within easy reach of Geneva. The weather conditions at this time of the year are in general quite favourable with warm and sunny days and the countryside features magnificent colours.

 More details and suggestions are available at the Tourist page.

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