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Contribution Overview

Page content : Paper Preparation- Papers Formatting - Guidelines for Posters - Guidelines for Oral Presentations

Paper Preparation

 Invited and contributed papers will also be submitted electronically, using the same submission engine as for the abstracts. The submission of the papers will open on the 12th of September and close on the 23rd of September 2005.

Papers will be reviewed for the intelligibility of the English and, if necessary, suggestions for improvements returned to the authors. In such cases, the authors will be giving an opportunity to resubmit the corrected paper during the period 3rd to 7th October.

Papers Formatting

 Detailed information on the preparation of the abstract and papers are available at the papers formatting.

Guidelines for Posters

 Posters should be prepared such that they can be read from a distance of 1.5m. The area available for the poster will be 1m in width x 2.5m in height. A printed version of the paper will not be considered as an acceptable poster.

Posters will be displayed for two days. Authors are expected to hang their posters themselves before the coffee break in the morning of the first day and to take them down again at the end of the second day. There will be two poster sessions (PO1 and PO2). PO1 will be on Monday the 10th and Tuesday 11th and PO2 on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th. (The session in which a poster is placed can be determined from the Programme Session ID). The presenting author is expected to man his poster during the two coffee breaks of the second day.

For Live Demos associated with Posters an area will be set-up with a screen and beamer (laser pointer). It is expected that the presenters of such Live Demos bring their own PCs and power adapters for Swiss sockets.

Guidelines for Oral Presentations

 Portable computers will be available in the conference rooms for the presentations. Overhead projectors WILL NOT be available. The computers will be running Windows XP SP2 with PowerPoint 2003. The presentation must be provided to the conference committee prior to the session in which the presentation is to be given in order that it can be pre-loaded onto the appropriate machine. A dedicated room will be available for this and will be manned from 8:00-9:00, 13:00-14:00 and 17:30-18:30 each day during the conference. In addition, it will be possible to arrange transfer of the presentation outside of these hours, but during the normal conference hours, by contacting the secretariat. In order to ensure the minimum change over time between presentations only the conference room computers can be used for the presentation, i.e. it will not be possible to connect private machines nor to load presentations onto these machines during a session. For those with a presentation on the first morning of the conference then the presentation file should be submitted no later than the beginning of the morning coffee break.

In addition, a number of machines will be provided in a separate area to test presentations. Presenters are strongly encouraged to test out their presentations well in advance of their session to ensure that the presentation runs correctly on the computer set-up at the conference. For those who have presentations during the first morning of the conference the local organizing committee is offering the possibility to check out presentations in advance if these are received by 5th October. Obviously it will not be possible to guarantee that the presentation behaves as the presenter expects. However, major problems such as problems with opening the file, obvious problems with animations and the like can be identified and the presenters informed straightaway.

The time allocated for Invited Orals is 30 minutes including time for questions and the time for Plenary and Parallel Orals is 20 minutes including time for questions. It is important that these times are respected.

In order to ensure the smooth running of the conference, and especially during the parallel sessions, it is very important that the presentations run to time. Therefore, the Session Chairmen will be asked to be very strict on time keeping. A monitor will be provided showing a count down of the remaining time and at the end of this allocated time speakers will be stopped. It is the responsibility of all presenters to ensure that their presentation does not overrun in the interests of their fellow presenters and the conference as a whole - the count down is provided to aid speakers.

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