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A ready to print version of "Getting to"

Except from the Web pages of the present chapter (see: “Related pages” ) we provide here a link to a ready to print document with the most relevant information. It describes the connections between the airport (GVA), the railway station (Gare Cornavin), CERN and the CICG when using the public transports in Geneva (TPG).

The file can be easily printer in retro/verso; Getting To-GE-CERN-CICG.doc

Concerned TPG, please be aware that:

  • Any passenger must have paid its travel before to be entitled to use the bus or the tramway. If controlled without ticket the fine is quite heavy!
  • The ticket can by bought at the dedicated distribution boxes at the bus stop or at any newspaper or tobacco shop. Note that the distribution ticket boxes at the bus stop do not give you back the change, so be prepared with the desired amount of Swiss francs or Euros.
  • At the airport or at the railway station you can buy your ticket at several shops namely the Kiosque Naville and at the “Galerie marchande” of the CFF-Aéroport.

The bus no. 9 leaves CERN every 12 min. to the city centre and arrives at Gare Cornavin 30 min later. The tramway no. 13 to Nations takes 10 min, so Cern - Cornavin - Nations takes ~ 45 min. The CICG is just a 2 min walk from the Palais des "Nations" stop.

A TPG bus at CERN in front of a bus stop pannel

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