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Scientific Programme - Post-deadline Papers & Updates

Last update : 14-Dec-2005

    Post-deadline Presentation Papers or Updates
TU1, Software Technology Evolution
TU1_3-5O-2 L. Mestre A Pragmatic and Versatile Architecture for LHC Controls Software
TH1, Dealing with Evolution
TH1_4-8O-2 M. Lamont LHC Era Core Control Application Software
TH2, Operational Issues
TH2_3-7O-2 K.Sigerud First operational experience with LASER
TH4, Status Reports & Round Table
TH4_2-1O-2 M.Pace Experience from the new LEIR control system during machine commissioning
FR2, Development Approaches
FR2_5-60-2 G.Kruk Development Process of Accelerator Controls Software
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