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Scientific Programme - Posters

Last update : 14-Dec-2005

    Poster Papers Updates
Poster Papers: Session - 1
PO1_002-1 V.Alferov Control systems of the cryogenic complex for the superconducting RF separator at IHP
PO1_005-2 A.Zelinsky Progress in Development of Kharkov X-Ray Generator NESTOR
PO1_023-1 E. Matias

Canadian Light Source Control System - Lessons learned from building a Synchroton and Beamlines control system

PO1_029-6 Y. Xinglin Design and implementation of control system for 4MeV  LIA
Poster Papers: Session - 2
PO2_009-2 Y.Bashmako Control of Gamma-Beam Generation at the Synchrotron "Pakhra" by Nonlinear Resonance Excitation of Accelerated Electron Bunches
PO2_032-3 J.R.Alexander Upgrading the Daresbury Personnel Safety Interlock System
PO2_043-2 V.N.Boriskin The Distribution Density Monitoring of Charged Particles by Computer Tomography Method
PO2_105-1 M. Boccioli

Very High Voltage Control for ALICE TPC


Posters: Session - 1
PO1_017 G. De Cataldo The detector Control System for the HMPID detector in the ALICE experiment at LHC
PO1_043 S. Page Integration of the LHC Power Converters within the High-Level LHC Control System
PO1_044 A. Oates Development of the Control System for ERLP
P.C.Burkimsher Scaling Up PVSS
PO1_063-6 M. Clausen Collaborative Software Development using CodeBeamer and requisite pro
PO1_064 E.B.Soto Hardware Commissioning of the LHC: Quality Assurance, Follow-up and Storing of the Test Results
PO1_078 T. Birke Beyond Devices: An Improved RDB Data-Model for Configuration Management
PO1_079 T. Birke

Use Case: Configuration Management with a Generic RDB Data-Model

PO1_082 B. Sarkar Control Strategy for the Main Magnet Powet Supplies of the K-500 Superconducting Cyclotron
PO1_091 D.Bolkhovityanov Design and Development of a Control System for Intense Source of Radioactive Ions prototype
Posters: Session - 2
PO2_005-2 A.Rijllart Industrial Controls for Test Systems from Superconducting Stands till Magnet Fiducialisation in the tunel for the LHC project
PO2_011-2 D.Bulfone Design of a Fast Global Orbit Feedback System for the ELETTRA Storage Ring
PO2_016 M. Jonker The Controls Architecture for the LHC Collimation System
PO2_031 B. Todd The Architecture, Design and Realisation of the LHC Beam Interlock System
PO2_042 M. Werner A Fast Magnet Current Change Monitor for Machine Protection in HERA and the LHC
PO2_064 B.Solar Beam Position Monitor Digital Signal Conditioning
PO2_088 J.H Kim Upgrade of the PLS LINAC Control System
PO2_105 M. Boccioli Very High Voltage Control for ALICE TPC
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